What Will The

Aviation Ministry Do?


Training national pastors to pastor churches within their own country.


Providing support for the local churches in the towns that we are reaching.

Delivering Bibles

Taking Bibles & literature throughout the Spanish world more quickly.


Hosting Pastor’s Conferences in the Spanish nations to help edify and equip national pastors and help them train their people to go soulwinning.


Working to establish churches in all 21 Spanish-speaking nations as well as in America, the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world.

With twenty-one Spanish-speaking nations in flight range, the Reaching Spanish Nations Aviation Ministry will allow us to reach the nations of the Spanish world more effectively than ever before.


In 2018, the Paytons began praying for an airplane to use to further the Gospel. Within a few weeks of their fasting and praying, God gave them an airplane (for free!) with the ability to help reach Spanish-speaking people within the continental United States. The next airplane they are praying for will be utilized to reach the twenty-one Spanish-speaking nations overseas.

The airplanes will enable Reaching Spanish Nations Aviation Ministry to travel everywhere in the United States as well as Central and South America to reach these nations with the Gospel. They will provide the ministry flexibility in scheduling meetings as well as ease and efficiency of travel with carrying a large payload of Spanish Bibles and tracts to distribute to these nations.


The Aviation Ministry pilot is a man who was reached by Mike Payton while out soulwinning in 2013. Little did Bro. Payton know, that not only would God allow him to grow in grace, but also that one day his vast piloting experience would become a vital part of the Reaching Spanish Nations ministry. The Reaching Spanish Nations pilot holds some of the highest certifications in aviation and is eager to participate in spreading the Gospel around the world.

The ministry of Reaching Spanish Nations is the heart of our family to provide the desperately needed resources and support that is sorely lacking in these countries today.

We’d like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting Reaching Spanish Nations.

– The paytons